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Katie here with native paranormal seekers. sorry its been awhile since we’ve checked back with you all. with 2021 coming to a close in a few short months we reflect on these trying times of covid we all stop and think of our selves and our loved ones and how much time we have left in this life time.

The scare of something different is all some of us can think of, we almost forget there are other things still out there, other illnesses or the age old factor of time, and circumstance, whether its old age, or an accident. In the paranormal bizz, we deal with a lot of death and grieving it is just part of the life we live. but every now and again death hits home, and it gives us a shuddering pause.

Even though death is natural, its not always brought on by natural means and with the knowledge we obtain in our field we know that tragedy comes in 3’s. Its that ancient rule of 3, if its good or bad depending on your own personal views. If one thing bad happens you know its going to happen two more times. have you experienced things in threes? if you believe in the rule or three or not, eventually we all will go back to the earth. some will think this sad but I can find comfort knowing that we will go into the loving embrace of our mother. hopefully surrounded by the ones we love. and if you share my belief we will see the ones we love again.

We live in an amazing moment in time where death and loss don’t happen often, if your lucky. with summer coming to a close we hunker down for the cold seasons we almost forget how truly difficult autumn and winter are and how difficult it was on our ancestors who braved their lives in the elements and the ailments of everyday life, we don’t commonly think about any other hardships outside our own worlds. just remember they live on through us and we through our children. so love your parents and grandparents and spoil your children just a little. because the only thing in this life and the next is family.