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Katie here, from Native Paranormal Seekers. With the recent reveling events in Canada with the unmarked burial sights of more than 1,000 Native American children who were ripped away from their family and forced into schools to “kill the Indian and save the man.” Where their sacred hair was hacked off, punished and tortured for speaking their ancient language.

Now a days people are very susceptible to media influence and how we view things whether they are given meaning or are completely ruled out due to someone else’s benefit and profit. this is a topic that should be a no brainer. murdered children, that should not be up for debate, but here we are arguing over weather or not it should have media coverage or compensation or justice.

Now a lot of people would say get over it, it happend a long time ago, well what people don’t realize is it was more recent then you were lead to believe. From 1860-1978 that’s over 100 years of forced boarding schools where the catholic churches were granted to take children as young as 3 away from their families and most were never brought back home or have gone ‘missing.’

Do you have children? niece or nephew or have seen a child at the age of 3? How vulnerable they are, how innocent, it makes your heart drop at the thought of a complete stranger ripping them from their loving mothers and fathers and then to find out that those babies were starved, tortured and killed just for how they lived. and that’s not the worst of what those babies faced in the endless forced existence.

I am on this topic of discussion because, being a human being ‘Native American’ myself, I am forced to remember that very recently we were not consider citizens in our own land, we’re forgotten about, over looked and murdered more often than not and thinking back on my own grandma ‘Ga-Goo’ and how she was also forced into one of these schools here in America, to think she could have gone ‘missing’ and I would have never existed.

It was always brought to my attention that if you have a shred of native blood in you, or have by some miracle obtained some traditional teachings, then you my friend are a survivor of a catastrophic genocide, a Holocaust this country has ever seen and don’t want you to know. I’m not talking about just the deaths of so many people, I also mean our culture, because we didn’t have pen and paper everything was taught through stories with hands on learning, it was through listening and learning was how our ways were taught passed down from generation to generation.

Yes, survivor, even though you yourself haven’t gone through this trauma our ancestors lived and died through, you are a survivor because you exist and that is where the catholic church and the government failed, because we are still here living, breathing and slowly learning our peoples ways all over again. We are strong, resilient, and wise.

Our ancestors live through us, it is in our blood, and blood is like water, it holds memory, it has all the knowledge we could ever hope for, we just lost the teachings and need to tap into it. If you suffer from depression and can’t figure out why you have a tortured inner life, you could be suffering from generational depression and there is just something not right even though on paper your life looks happy, but no matter what, there is still that pit you can’t pull yourself out.

I just want to tell you there are scars that run deeper than your skin, scars that are carried with you from your parents and their parents. so even though something happend many generations ago, we still suffer the traumatic events with just living, we feel what they felt. Native American or non Native, blood is blood and anyone can be susceptible to generational depression and trauma.

My advice to you is learn all you can, because knowledge is power and it can be empowering. Live with the world at our finger tips. and sometimes this world can be a bit much, so get in touch with your roots learn about your ancestors, and remember to live in nature because we are of nature, and she is of us. sometimes we need to go back ‘home’ to find inner peace or have a conclusion.