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Hello everyone, this is Katie Ray McCommas, daughter of Kent and Tonya Founders of Native Paranormal Seekers.

I wanted to share some words and personal experiences and just talk about the importance of tradition during the scariest time of the year.

With Traditions so strong this time of year visiting family, friends rekindling old friendships, traveling (safely), or just staying at home with the ones you love enjoying that hot cup of “cocoa” or hot “toddy,” everyone has some form tradition that are all different and have their own specialness to the one who holds them. Ours is surprisingly relaxing once you get past the scare, with us we make offerings just like trick or treating. But instead of kids of all ages ringing the door bell one night of the year, we receive those those (spirits) who were forgotten.

From October 31st to November 1st we celebrate the modernly revised druid traditions of Samhain/ All Hallows Eve, yes sounds fancy and it can be, once you get past all the planning preparations and sweet treats you have to resist because their not for you. I’m sure everyone, in their own way has an idea of the ‘why’s’ behind trick or treating. ‘Ghouls’ and ‘Goblins’ Ghosts and spirits of the once lived, and eternal brought into being (neither dead nor living) No it’s not like the day of the dead (such a cool tradition) but something else. Instead of caring for those loved one, on the one special night of the year, we open our doors for the kind spirits who are stuck wandering the world and just need help going home to their afterlife.

Being a suburban native has its perks, we grew up with strong traditions of our tribe and ancestors, that date back. . . well before we had dates. and we have the modernized traditions of today, so you can see we’re weird no matter what side of our family your looking at. Having our family oriented into a paranormal group, we have access to a lot more info and not with just our use of technical equipment, although it does have it’s use clarifying what we saw or heard for ourselves and clarifies the experiences of the people who have contacted us for help, the women of my family are for the lack of a better word ” sensitive” we can see glimpses, hear whispering voices and talk to the dead.

During the shifts of the harvest times or the solstice celebrations, we do things differently depending on the time of the season, for this time of year it speaks for itself. We give offerings, open our home to kindly spirits, and help them move on, but occasional we do get a mischievous spirit, those spirits move things, break things, affect our moods, mess with our pets, and give off odd sensations. Now those spirits are the ones you need to look out for, now I can’t tell you what kind of spirits they are, there are a lot to choose from and even some we don’t know about ourselves, a;though we do try our best to research into our history of what they could be, spirits are not always a spirit and ghost are not always a ghost, you get the picture.

For example Kent and Tonya just did a investigation in Central Oregon. for those who watch out investigative videos, it’s skin walker windigo caught in central Oregon on our youtube channel. They just went back a couple of days a go for a full investigation, not just a sweep. that video will be uploaded for a later date so stay tuned for that. when they returned something came back with them. Now remember what I said that each spirit or elemental is different; so dealing with them differs from one to another, this one seem to not be fazed at all by our thorough cleansing so that means were not dealing with a spirit but a being.

Now dealing with actual Beings or Elementals, is what we call them, are a different kind of ‘spirit’ they are not human of origin, and never have been. These entities, are in a sense, immortal they are beings of the earth, so in a way they are alive, but exist on a different plane than what we live on. Now with having old traditions very apparent in my family, we go about dealing with them a little different but also very familiar. Offerings are a huge deal when it comes to ‘beings’, in the old ways, nothing was taken without a barder or a trade of equal value, like dealing with fairies, they prefer simpler things. this one in Christmas Valley is going to be dealt with in a different kind of care, which I wont get into, but cliff notes version, we research it a bit more and change our offering accordingly.

I’m getting off track a bit here. When this ‘being’ started messing with you, it will affect moods, sleep, objects going missing, glimpses of shadow movement or your name being called when there is no one there. Children and animals will be more sensitive to odd goings on and act out accordingly, birds will stop singing house pet will be irrational. and the spirits they don’t just go away by themselves very easily, some get bored, and just leave because some are curious in nature, but others it takes some coaxing. this one is going to take a little bit more to leave peacefully.

Halloween is the most touchy time of year where not just the dead that have the ability to cross over the ‘veil’ but other ‘entities’ as well. So when you dress up as different creepy creatures and critters to confuse the mischievous dead, and entities from seeing a human. old traditions were put in place to protect us from those that would do us harm, such as having a jack o lantern stay lit all night to ward off evil, and handing out candy as an offerings. So my tip for this Halloween is stay safe, stay healthy and most of all hand out your candy offerings, and keep your jack o lanterns lit because Samhain lasts a bit longer than one day you don’t want any mischievous spirits getting comfy in your attic somewhere, especially since yuletide is right around the corner. Happy Halloween everyone, and remember if it’s too quiet lately, odds are you’re not alone.