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Welcome to our world of Native American Spirituality and Traditions where we us our intuition and spiritual gifts to find and communicate with spirits and other Supernatural Beings never seen before. You are going to see on our investigations and capture on videos that are not only ghost, spirits but creatures that we believe to be a part of the earth and possibly other dimensions we have yet to understand. You will see things that may be very scary but we ask you keep an open mind. We are a paranormal group called Native Paranormal Seekers, you can find our videos documenting our Investigations not only here on this site but also Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are our social medias.

We are members of the Te-Moak tribe of Western Shoshone and practice our Traditions and Spirituality with some Christian influences, we also study Demonology and Occult Science.

To better understand the paranormal you need to know all the different influences and practices other people had in the past and why their energy or spirit would not move on and also with our Traditions and Spirituality passed down from many generations we will use to find, investigate and share our evidence with you.

People can call on us to come to investigate their home, business or land, we have many latest technical equipment from cameras, dvr system, voice recorders to spirit box and SLS Cameras along with our Native “gifts”, Spirituality and Traditions that help us cleans, protect and bind any evil we face, that helps us document the amazing evidence we have been able to capture and share with the public.

As a Native American we practice daily our Spirituality and Traditions. We believe everyone is “sensitive” although some have more that others and that these are gifts given to us by Our Great Spirit to protect ourselves, most people have just forgotten that they have them. Our group use these gifts to feel and see earths energies and spirit activity. Native Americans have always invited spirits to be a part of our ceremonies and traditions, these can include our Ancestors and other Supernatural Beings we believe to be Benevolent.

On this website you will learn the different tools we work with that heal and protect us such as herbs and mineral stones and their different energies. Everything on this earth is made of energy and allopathic remedies that all Natives have been taught the study of herbs or phytomedicine that has been passed down for thousands of years this practice of using herbs to not only heal the body but to heal and purify and balance the spirit. From mothers, Aunts and grandmothers to fathers, uncles and grandfathers. These remedies that heal and balance us can also protect us. Each herb and stone has a specific energy that gives you mental, physical and spiritual balance.

We believe we can use both Native American Spirituality and our Ancient methods does help our Investigating the Paranormal and taps into the energies makes our groups so unique our evidence speaks for itself.

Thank you and many Blessings, be safe out there!